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People & Process Solutions

Our Services

Leadership Development:

We see leadership development as the growth of a teammate’s ability to be successful in functions associated with setting direction, maintaining commitment and mentoring others.


Our recruitment goals include attracting and selecting candidates that fit in with your organization’s culture and satisfy the needs of your position vacancies. For enhanced circulation your employment opportunities are also posted on our website.


Our training is centered to teach and develop competencies that improve productivity and performance while building confidence and team morale.

Labor Relations:

We are skilled in managing and interpreting the regulations and your rights in unionized employment situations including attendance at the Department of Labour conciliation hearings.


As a third party, we offer structure and dynamics that help parties in disagreement to minimize hostility and maximize opportunities to yield a mutually agreed outcome.


Our impartial, third party adjudicators will review the evidence in the case and reach a resolution to a dispute in a way that’s flexible to you – expedient and affordable.

Management Services:

We can provide support for a variety of management services that help your business to run more efficiently; including Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits & Compensation.

Business Development:

Our professionals will help you to cultivate processes aimed at growing opportunities internally and externally with other organizations, clients and stakeholders.

Strategy Planning:

We are skilled at creating specific processes that will allow you to make decisions regarding the allocation of your resources that are in line with the vision for your business.